US/DS blinking: What Does It Mean and How to Fix It?

The term ‘US’ stands for Upstream which is mainly used to send the traffic from a router. Same as, the ‘DS’ stands for Downstream, mainly used for the receiving or downloading traffic of a particular router. For the upstream and downstream traffic, there is a LED indicator or flashlight which indicates whether our light is glowing or not. We can also know if any problem occurs while sending and receiving traffic from the router. If our downstream light on a router blinks orange, it means that while receiving network traffic the user suffered from any issue. When the US/DS light is blinking after one-second of intervals then the signal receiving while traffic is a low-level signal or no signal.

A blinking or flashing light of any device mainly indicates activity that how many GHz WiFi you are being used. US/DS lights are used in many business gateway’s like arris, ubee, cox, Netgear, FiOS, and many more.

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US/DS blinking

What is the reason to blink US/DS light? 

There are many reasons to blink US/DS light from which some of them are list below with description:

  1.  Modem Splitter Problem
  2. Service Outage
  3. Defective Modem
  4. Loose Wire connection

1. Modem Splitter Problem:

 Many LED connections use a splitter option to separate their connection into 3 or 4 forms. The splitter mainly provides the tv, phone, and wifi connection to our devices. If our splitter is not working properly or there are some issues it means that it is the reason for blinking the US/DS light.

2. Service Outage: 

Many times, there is a service outage on the ISP’s end of the device which causes the blinking of the US/DS light. For that, you have to check their pre-schedule service of the device with the help of the company’s website.

3. Defective Modem: 

Sometimes, it also happens that the modem brand which you are using is also defective and causes some issues. If there’s a power problem in our device then it directly loses its functionality and reliability.

4. Loose Wire connection: 

While establishing a connection, you need to check that all the wires are connected to the device properly or not in their relevant slots. If not then it might e a problem of US/DS blinking.

How to fix the problem of US/DS blinking?

To fix the issue of US/DS blinking here, we will discuss some points which are the following:

  1. Check for a service outage
  2. Check the modem wifi Connections
  3. Restart the Modem or device again
  4. Check out the Splitter you are using
  5. Call Customer Support

1. Check for a Service Outage

If there is any service in your outage area means that the US/DS blinking occurs due to weak signals. So, that connection is not made properly and service will be disrupting. At that time you make a call to the service center and briefly describe your problem and ask the solution to rectify it.  You can also check the official website of the modem which you are using. update the system and try it again.

2. Check the modem wifi Connections

Loose wire connections are also the problem of US/DS light blinking. So, before establishing the connection make sure that all the wires are connected tightly to the specific plug. So, that there is no confusion and you are working properly on your device.

3. Restart the Modem or device again

If you are unable to identify the issue behind US/DS blinking then Restart the device to solve the problem. 

  • For that, first off the button of your device.
  • Then, unplug your device from a source of power.
  • Then, hold the button for ‘Power’ of your modem for some time and connect it again to a power source for better working. 

4. Check out the Splitter you are using

If the problem is not fixed by resetting the device then try to test the splitter of the device you are using currently. To perform this operation, first, disconnect the cable of the splitter and connect it to the device directly. If the connection is made properly then the US/DS light is not blinking. You can also use the new splitter if it is damaged fully.

5. Call Customer Support

If all the above solutions are not fixing the issue of US/DS light blinking then you might need the help of some experts to rectify the problem. For that, you can simply make a call to customer support helpline number and 8 and tell briefly about the problem which you are facing. They will surely help you to resolve the issue.

Some of the frequently asked questions about US/DS Blinking

1. What does a blinking WiFi light in a modem?

A blinking wifi light in a modem means while transmitting data to any Wi-Fi device, such as a pc or laptop. At that time if any signal problem occurs then the light starts blinking automatically.

2. What to do if the US/DS light is blinking?

Steps to perform while US/DS light blinking as shown below:

  • Make sure that, your device power is on or not
  • Check your coaxial cable is connected properly to both the modem and the cable jack or not.
  • It is essential to plug on the device which you are using which the proper connection.
  • Check the modem and plug cables you are using currently for better security.

3. What are the steps to reset a device?

Some of the steps to reset a device are the following:

  • First, Shut down your device
  • Then, Unplug the power cord of your router
  • Wait for at least 1 minute and  plug the power cord again into the router
  • Wait until the Internet light doesn’t turn green.
  • Turn on your device again
  • Establish a connection and start work


After analyzing all about the US/DS light blinking. We conclude that there are many reasons to blink the US/DS light and some solutions to fix the problem. Read the whole article carefully to understand about US/DS blinking. Definitely, it will help you to fix the problem technically.