How to change username and pass

Netgear routers require the user to initially setup and login to the routers. The user needs to login to the router after setting it up to better secure the network. The login process is very easy and it only takes a couple of minutes of the user’s time. The user can simply go to and enter the default credentials whenever prompted. The default username and password are case sensitive. With the help of the initial login, the user will be able to gain access to the advanced features of the router. With the help of these features, the user can further configure their network that is most suitable to their needs.

Once logged in to the router, the user must change the username and password for the Netgear router. Initially, the router has a set of default credentials set by default. That information is available online to help the users to login to the router while first setting up. But if the user doesn’t change the default information, their network will be at risk of unauthorized people getting on their network because the default information is available online. Here, we will show you the troubleshooting steps to change the username and password for the Netgear router.

Troubleshooting steps to change the username and password for the Netgear router:

  • Launch an internet browser of your choice and type in the address bar. The login page will display.
  • You will be prompted to enter the default username and password for the router. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password” for most of the Netgear routers.
  • Under Setup, you will see Wireless Settings.
  • Under the Wireless Network, you will see the Network Name and a field in front of it. You can type in a new username as you desire.
  • Below that, under Security Options you can set up a new password as you desire.
  • After you have set up a new username and password, click Apply to save the settings made.

Now, the username and password for the Netgear router will be changed. The user can connect all their devices to their router using the new username and password.

Take Note:

  • Make sure the user does not enter any sensitive information within the username as the username is still visible to other nearby devices.
  • Make sure that the user does not share the new password with everyone.

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