Netgear Router Login Help & Support

To set up your Wi-Fi or Internet access, you need to access your Netgear router. For this, you need to access the in order to your Netgear web page. The Netgear routers are configured through as you need to follow some basic steps to configure your Netgear router. You might face difficulty while connecting your router, in such cases you must make sure that your device need to be connected to the Router’s Wi-Fi Network.

To begin with path for getting to the Netgear switch login page is web address. This is the web address that is enrolled for getting to the Netgear setup page utilizing the web program. You should associate your Netgear switch with the PC framework and after that you can get to the web utility. Ensure that your gadgets are associated precisely with the power supply else you will confront issues while getting to the Netgear switch login page.

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  • How to enter the router setting menu?

To set a password for entering the settings menu, you must first make the same input and change the password in the settings.

  • Why it is important to have router’s address for its successful configuration?

The address of the router is necessary because the configuration is done via the web interface built into the router. That is, the device connects to the desktop computer with a wired or wireless Wi-Fi connection, any web browser is launched, and in its address line we write the address of the router.

  • Can I access the interface of the router with the help of an IP address?

The IP address allows you to easily reach the configuration interface of the router. To do this, start the browser, click in the address bar and enter the determined IP address, in the example "". After pressing the enter key the configuration window of the router appears.

  • Please explain a method of accessing a router?
  • After you know the IP address of your router, you can access your router. Proceed as follows:
  • Open your internet browser.
  • Now enter in the address bar and press "Enter". Here you set the IP address of your router to the IP address found in the previous step. Write the IP address without quotation marks in the address bar.
  • Now the login window of your router opens.
  • In the initial configuration, most of the time, no password is set for the login. If you are asked for a password, refer to the manual of your router. There you will find the default password.
  • What should be done if I am not able to log into the router via

Using cable instead of WLAN If you can no longer log into your router via WLAN via, it is best to connect your computer and the router via a network Ethernet cable. A laptop is an advantage because you can carry it directly to the router - the cable may not be long enough to connect your desktop PC.

Please help me to find the IP address of my router?

Type ipconfig in the opened window and confirm again. Windows then lists all installed network adapters. Including the current IP address of your router. It is the number behind the entry "Default Gateway". Besides "ipconfig", there are a few more useful network commands that you can use to analyze WLAN and router problems.

What if we have not entered an IP address manually?

  • If you do not see the login screen of your router, for example the Fritzbox, at this point, it may be because the IP address has been entered manually. You check this in the Network and Sharing Center of Windows, found under Control Panel and then Network and Internet (Windows 7). In Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 10, you'll find the center in a similar way.
  • Now make changes to adapter setting and after that make right-click on the following connection to the router. Select "Properties" in the context menu. In the pop-up list, locate IP Version 4 and choose Properties. Remember that you must get the IP “address automatically" is selected. The same applies to the DNS server address.

I have forgot the password from the router, what to do?

What to do if you forgot the password from the router is an ordinary question of many users who have forgotten or lost their data. How to be in this situation? Restore the key is easy. It all depends on the password and the login of which network was lost. If it's a local network, i.e. in its router, then there are no 2. serious difficulties to restore it.

  • What actions need to be taken in the case of the loss of data for the use of the World Wide Web?

In the event of the loss of data for the use of the World Wide Web, the following procedure is required:

  • go to the home IP-address of the router;
  • after entering the settings of the network device, you must select the "Internet" tab;
  • in the updated window of the interface there will be various options, one of which will be the login and password for entering the Internet;
  • if login and password data are not visible, and instead of them are indicated asterisks or points in the parameter lines, you need to find below the option "show symbols" and put a checkmark next to it.
  • Thus, the user has the opportunity to correct the situation on his own without assistance from the any third party.

How can I restore all the access keys of the router?

Each of the access keys will be restored in different ways. The main methods are hardware and software. The method of hardware access recovery is associated with checking parameters on the router's home page, and the software relies on the use of the program registry and special working applications that scan all information on the computer about using the network.

security key for accessing the local network is not difficult to recover. It is enough to go to the administrator's page and in the settings find the line "security key", where the access password will be specified.

  • How to find out the login and password if lost?

To find out the login and password for accessing the Internet, the administrator or local network page, you should use specialized programs (Dialupass, Remote Desktop PassView, RouterPassView) that can find the necessary data in encrypted files of the network usage history.

  • What should I do if I forgot the password from the wifi (wi-fi) router?

If the user forgot the password from the wi-fi router, you need to use specialized programs for reading encrypted information (Dialupass, Remote Desktop PassView, Router Pass View). But if the programs do not help, you will need to reset the device to the factory settings by pressing the button that is on the back of the router. Next, you need to re-configure the network equipment and the network itself.

  • How to enter the router by IP address?

You can see the IP router in the information about the Windows network connection through the list of network connections. To do this, open the Control Panel; go to the “Network Sharing Center”. From a menu on the right of the page there will be a menu item make changes to adapter setting. Once in the network connections, select the desired connection, right-click on it and select the "Details" menu item:

A window will open in which the complete information about the network connection will be displayed. Here, you’ll get an IP address for your router.

  • When will I get an authorization request or notification?

If you did everything right and your router is working, you should get an authorization request, where you usually need to register the admin login and the admin password. After that you can configure the device and work.

What if I get an error when I try to go to admin / admin - 401 unauthorized - Authorization request?

It starts with the fact that you need to consider the possibility of using a different password for the manufacturer to access the settings with Administrator rights. Therefore, take our router or modem in hand and turn it over. On the bottom or back of the case (for models with a vertical casing) there is a sticker with the name of the model of the device and the serial number. It is usually written IP-address - or, login admin and admin password.

What connection type should I enter while connecting to the provider?

To connect to the provider, you need to specify the connection type in this section - PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP or IPoE (Dynamic or Static IP). If you do not know what type you are using, you can specify it in the technical support of your provider. They are required to provide such data.

How to configure my local network via the router?

The basic configuration of the local network is usually already done by default. Namely: the IP address ( or is registered and the DHCP server is enabled for easy connection of computers, laptops, tablets and computers to your local network. LAN parameters can be found in the LAN or LAN section.